Literacy Week 2021

Celebrate Literacy Week, Florida is January 25th – January 29th!

Listed below are a few suggested activities that your family can participate in at home to promote and celebrate literacy. Please join us as we celebrate literacy with every school across our state!

January 25 - February 8, 2021 – Click here to browse a selection of engaging book titles and make purchases at West Creek’s online book fair! For every purchase made, our school earns 15% back in rewards to support our literacy mission. Thank you for your support, and happy shopping! You may also access the online shopping via

Monday, January 25th – I’m Hungry 
Look for a new recipe that you would like to make with your child. Read the recipe and shop for ingredients together. Take pictures throughout the process. Share the final product with your family. Talk about your favorite part of working on this project together. Make a picture journal with captions written under each picture you include.

Tuesday, January 26th – Read Aloud
Read a book aloud to your child. Use a different funny voice for each character.

Wednesday, January 27th – Anytime is Story Time
Tell your child a story about your family that they don’t know. Have them illustrate your story and write captions under their pictures.

Thursday, January 28th – What Else Can We Do?
Alternative activities could include turning off the TV night, play board games, put on a play at home, make a simple scavenger hunt for your children identifying items or signs that you may find on a walk in your neighborhood, or start a book club at home.

Friday, January 29th– Paired Writing

Write a shared story with your child. Children write three sentences and then parents write three sentences. Pass the story back and forth between you until your story is finished. Read the story to someone at home. Make sure to include illustrations!
Use Word Clouds here or ( to create a word cloud that describes your family. Print and display your word cloud at home.

Celebrate Literacy Week Dress Up Days

Monday, January 25 – Wear Red, and Be Well Read

Tuesday, January 26 – Score with Books – Wear gear from your favorite sports team

Wednesday, January 27 – Hunt for a Good Book – Wear clothing with camo print

Thursday, January 28 – Book Character Dress up Day – dress up like your favorite book character (bring the book to school to share with your class).

Friday, January 29 – Booknick Day – wear pajamas for a cozy pajama party reading day